Faith new product launch: crystal watch UV printer

February 04, 2024
Faith new product launch: crystal watch UV printer

Crystal watch UV flatbed printer is a device specially used for crystal surface printing. It uses ultraviolet (UV) curing ink and flatbed printing technology to achieve fast, high-quality printing of patterns and designs on crystal watches.

Here's how it works:

Prepare files and images: First, prepare the image or design file to be printed on the crystal surface. This can be created through computer design software or obtained from other sources.

Preparing the crystal surface: Crystal tables require proper pre-treatment, such as cleaning and applying special coatings to provide better print adhesion and image clarity.

Place the crystal watch on the printing platform: Place the prepared crystal watch on the printing platform of the UV flatbed printer, making sure it is stable and correctly aligned.

Printing process: The printer uses an inkjet head to spray UV curing ink onto the crystal surface. The inkjet head sprays on the crystal surface at the nanometer level in a non-contact manner according to the preset image or design file. After the ink is ejected, the UV curing unit will immediately irradiate the UV light source to quickly solidify the ink.

Curing and drying: The irradiation of ultraviolet curing light source causes the ink to solidify instantly and adhere to the crystal surface. This curing process is a chemical reaction triggered by special compounds in UV ink under ultraviolet radiation. After curing, the ink becomes durable, wear-resistant and resistant to fading.

Finished Printing: Once the ink has cured and dried, the image or design on your crystal watch is completed with the printing process. The crystal watch can be removed from the printing platform and further processed and packaged.

Through the working principle of UV flatbed printers, crystal watches can achieve high-resolution, clear-detail printing effects with durability and color stability to meet consumers' needs for personalized and high-quality products.

Widely applicable to graphic advertising shops, capable of handling various products, including medical, custom logos for gifts, custom logos for furniture, custom logos for safety helmets, custom logos for glass products, custom logos for plastic products, custom logos for mechanical casings, customized signs and plaques, custom-made indicators, custom name tags for children, custom student stationery boxes, and many other application scenarios.

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