Laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning machine widely used for PVC, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, UPVC, etc material. It is the perfect equipment for metal rust surface laser cleaning. The applications of laser cleaning machines include paint removal & de-coating, pre-treatment for adhesive bonding & coating, mould cleaning & de-oiling, aerospace, hsr & shipbuilding machinery. Laser cleaning machine technology is already regarded as the best choice for cleaning aviation mould. Faith is the professional laser cleaning machine suppliers, we has 200W, 100W, 500W laser cleaning machine for selection, contact us for details.

  • Faith Handheld Laser metal rust removal cleaning machine
    Faith Handheld Laser metal rust removal cleaning machine
    The laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech product for surface cleaning.It's very easy to install and operation. It could be used with no chemical reagents,no media,  with the advantages dust-free and anhydrous cleaning. of auto focus, fit crank surface cleaning, high surface.
  • Faith laser cleaning machine
    Faith laser cleaning machine
    Paint Removal & De-Coating1. Precision or large-scale paint removal2. Selective or total paint removal3. High removal rates, especially with thin coatings4. Harmless to the base material5. Gentle, precise, and residue-free6. No additional process steps necessaryPre-Treatment for Adhesive Bonding & Coating1. Laser cleaning in pre-treatment before copper-brazing, hardware welding.2. Precise pre-treatment without damaging zinc coating on steel, nor mechanical surface wear.3. Laser cleaning provides surface stability to optimize long-term adhesive bonding performance.4. Excellent results on metallic substrates, especially on aluminum and magnesium.Mold Cleaning & De-Oiling1.Precise consistent cleaning results.2. Safely cleans without abrasion .3. Extends the service life of molds.4. Molds can be cleaned hot or cold and in-line.5. Mold cleaning rates up to 30 m² /hr .6. Easy to automate.Aerospace, HSR & Shipbuilding Machinery1. Laser cleaning technology is already regarded as the best choice for cleaning aviation mould.2. More easy and much quieter and 15 times faster than dry ice cleaning.3. No residual abradant and save cost of parts production.4. We provide solution for HSR (High-speed Rail) precise parts cleaning.