Faith conveyor belt machine stainless steel mini inkjet belt printer automatic power slider bed PVC belt electric conveyor

Faith belt conveyor is made of stainless steel, with automatic speed and constant speed of the electronic control circuit, has higher stability, the belt conveyor with Italian high anti-static PVC industry, has high anti-static ability. It is mainly used to transport glass bottles, plastic bottles, bottle caps, metal, plastic bags, paper boxes, cartons, labels, etc., easy to pour machine code, laser machine on the production line, print code, each brand spurt machine code, laser spraying machine, spraying thread production date, batch number anti-fake sign, the design must form a complete set of equipment.


The first operation is mainly performed in the following order

1. First of all, according to the picture, the installation is shown.

2. Connect the power supply to a single phase power supply (Good ground connection required).

3. Open the shift button, speed adjustment knob.

4. If you encounter belt deflection, you can adjust the screw inside the rear aluminum block, each adjustment is just a fine adjustment, the belt will work slowly after a few weeks of recovery, if the transmission is too much, the belt will be misaligned to other parts.

Our conveyor can be used to spray the code machine, can also be used independently, after use, will greatly improve the application industry: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic parts, tobacco, chemical industry, cosmetics, auto parts, etc .; It works at the speed of workers, saves time, saves a person, The maximum limit reduces the cost of production.

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