Faith hot sale expiry date printer for Plastic Bag Food, Beverage, Medicine, Cosmetics, Packaging, Costume kd100 
Faith Logo Printing Machine Smart Automatic Portable Inkjet Printing Machine.
KD100 / 300, which can print dynamic databases efficiently and flexibly, supports traceability and counterfeit protection systems, real-time high-speed printing for dynamic databases, powerful GS1 QR code and barcode function. It can be widely used in the packaging industry, pipe, profile and other professional production line, and it aims to solve your printing problems in all fields.

Synchronous wheel

The synchronization wheel is used for precise coding in order to prevent jitter or uneven movements from leading to coding errors

Interface backplane

Machine charging connection Sensor interface USB interface
Intelligent touch screen

Colorful touchscreen Easy to use High efficiency


One button intelligent printing

Ergonomic handle, one-click push of the red button, comfortable and powerful handle

our advantages
1.Customized multiple language:According to the actual needs of users from different countries and regions, we can customize inkjet printer in different languages for you.

2.Multi-nozzle and large size can be customized:You can customize large character Handheld inkjet printer according to the actual use, increasing the height of characters.

3.Easy to operate:Faith sublimation dtg printer tshirt printer digital flex printing machine kd380 runs on the android operating system, and you can master handheld inkjet printer in minutes

4.Widely used:Faith sublimation dtg printer tshirt printer digital flex printing machine kd380 can mark most materials.

5.Flexible customization:We can produce OEM,ODM customized products, but also according to customer needs to customize other LOGO

This inkjet printer of inkjet printer t shirt printing machine kd100 can use a variety of different color ink cartridges.
We offer multi-colored ink cartridges for your various applications.

The whole machine is small size and compact ,the net weight is only 0.65KG, In addition to hand-held use, it can also be installed on the conveyor belt.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.