HD  coding free editing

Chinese character/QR code/Production date/Graphic/Multi-language/Barcode can be printed

Touch editing   Fast charge   Adjustable height    Multi-language    Ink dry quickly    Lin

5 Inch smart     Touch screen printer        can print icons,barcodes,QRcodes,production date,dot matrix fonts

big screen   convenient       powerful      strong spray

print range:A4 paper \  packing bag  \  cloth \  grpsum board \    fiberboard  \  wood   \  egg  \   ceramics  \  pipe  \  glass \  meyal can  \   foil bag \  pe bag \ plastic bottle

multiple pringting forms:  production date  \QR code\bar code\image  \ chinese in english \ bitmap font

removable ink cartridge    

the ink cartridge can be removed at wall

NOTE:45°loading and unloading    ink  cartaidges

can be matched with assembly line

hand-held online dual-use,providing production efficiency

the distance between the nozzleand the object is  2~5mm

insert photoelectric sensor here

support u disk to import custom pictures

multiple authoritative certufucations    handheld inkjet printer certification,quality asssurance,worry-free purchase

factory workshop

packaging and transportaion of goods

it is our responsibility to let the goods be delivered to you safely and quickly

receive orders    reach cooperation   packing shipping   consulation US    cooperation   after sales service   Acceptance

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.