KD480TIJ Handheld Inkjet Printer

Portable intelligent hand-held inkjet printer

CE,ISO,RoHS Certification

Application for various industries
light industry,food industry,pharmacy manufacturing and commercial industry.

TIJ handheld inkjet printer printing a variety of printing materials :
metal  |   plastic   |   Carton   |   glass   |   Wire

Print content diversity,there's a variety of prints.

Support language:English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese 15 Languages
Print content diversity:Content meets the needs of most customers

Original ink cartridge Color optional
U disk Input pictures:Can directly input QR code, barcode
Built-in large capacity battery Long battery life

600DPI HD coding:Adopt anti-clogging nozzle Font height 2mm-12.7mm
Product STRUCTURE:Portable handheld smart inkjet printer

Can be matched with production line Realize automatic coding,Equipped with 4-core CPU + independent research and development system, power supply operation.
Handheld and online Dual purpose,Can match conveyor belt paging machine.

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