Size Chart

The host is small size and compact ,the net weight is only 2KG, which can be flexibly installed on various conveyor belts and paging machines.

7 Inch High Sensitive Touch Screen

The 7-inch LED industrial touch screen is used to improve the accuracy of operation identification. The operator can operate flexibly with gloves or even wet hands to cope with various industrial operating environments.

More than 40 languages

Support more than 40 countries and regions (Chinese / English / Arabic / Russian / French / Vietnamese / Korean / Burmese /Indonesian / Hindi / Portuguese / Japanese / Spanish / Italian...)

Operation Alarm

Normal operation: Green light is always on Abnormal operation: Yellow light is always on, green light is off No operation: red light is always on, green light is off

One machine, dual purposes

The flexible combination of nozzles modules, which enable the machine to realize a single nozzle printing, or two nozzles printing, it can be used in two production lines instead of two printers

Truly High-Speed Printing

The printing trigger action can be controlled within 10 milliseconds. The maximum printing speed can reach 406 meters / minute, which is about 150% of similar products.

Three data interfaces, four types of information transmission

Interface type: USB, RS232, RJ45.Users can store pictures (.bmp), text (.txt / .csv / .xlsx), database and EXCEL in the U disk to connect this machine to print directly.

Terminal Centralized Control

One user terminal controls multiple printing devices,which realizes multiple printers working in time sequence, and makes the production line intelligent.

Seamless splicing With Dual Print Heads

Through the software AI algorithm, the trigger time of each nozzle is precisely controlled to achieve the perfect splicing of the nozzles.

Two printing trigger methods

Encoder: To realize equiditant printing of tubes, profiles and other products High-performance photoelectric sensor: print a single product.

Save Printing Costs

The system is embedded with a powerful ink drop consumption algorithm, which realizing real-time control of inkjet printing costs, saving 15% of consumables compared with similar products.

Traceable Coding System

KD210 supports GS1 standard, which could satisfy the user's traceability requirements by printing the worldwide recognized code on their products

Smooth operation & stable performance

Adopts American TI AM3358CPU. Will not caused any stuck during operation

Avoid Nozzle Clogging

Faith researched the "Alternate Printing" model in the industry. The left and right rows of the ink cartridge nozzles work alternately, which avoids the problem of nozzle clogging and also extends the service life of the nozzles

Print Smaple

TIJ inkjet printer-KD210, which can efficiently and flexibly print dynamic database, support traceability and anti-counterfeiting system, dynamic database real-time high-speed printing , Support 40 languages, powerful GS1 QR code and bar code function, to meet customers' various applications. TIJ inkjet printe machine is widely used in most materials, such as wood, various metals, stone, leather, cloth, bamboo, wood, paper, ABS, PVC, epoxy resin, concrete, glass, ceramics, organic materials, polystyrene, plastic, rubber and so on. It is widely used in many industries, such as: medicine, food and beverage packaging industry, textile industry, handicraft industry, printing industry, electronic components, communication products, watches, glass products and other manufacturing industries.


KD210 Online Inkjet Printer TIJ2.5 thermal foaming nozzle 1.Printing accuracy Resolution up to 600 × 600DPI (longitudinal: 100DPI, 150DPI, 300DPI, 600DPI horizontal: 30-600Dp precision adjustment) adjustable printing gray level 1-6 2.Printing height The minimum printing height is 1mm, the maximum printing height is 127mm/one inch, the maximum printing height is 254mm (the best mass distance between the nozzle and the printing surface is 1-2mm) 3.Printing speed 406meters/90DPI, 304meters/120DPI, 240meters/150DPI, 120meters/300DPI, 60meters/600DPI (multi-group variable data ultra-high speed 10 should be printed within 10 milliseconds) 4.Print content Multi-language characters / GS1 DataMatrix / dynamic trace QR code / barcode / graphics / serial number / date / shift / counter / variable database / network serial real-time dynamic data printing... 5.Printing material Carton/Plastic/Metal/Plate/Tube/Stone/Cable/Electronic Components/Auto Parts/Industrial Chemical Packaging/ Pharmaceutical Food/ Gift Box 6.Ink type Food grade, water-based, oily, weak solvent, solvent 42m ink cartridge, large-capacity ink bag continuous ink supply system 7.Ink color Black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, invisible, UV (food grade inks of various colors) 8.Ink cartridge chip RF|D non-contact chip, automatic identification of ink parameters and recording ink remaining 9.The machine parameters operating system: Embedded Linux operating system Main hardware: US TAM3358 industrial grade CPU, US Xilinx Spartan6 industrial grade FPGA, T|J dedicated ASC module 10.Communication Interface USB, RS232, TCP/P network port (support network remote centralized control management, symmetricheavymachine/conveyor/pager/packaging machine/ERP database/drug monitoring code/anti-counterfeiting traceability system) 11.External interface Optical Eye / Encoder / Alarm Control Input / Serial Number Transmission / External Serial Number Reset / External Serial Number Update / External Sneeze Information Selection / Flip Reverse Control / Nozzle Port 12.Nozzle installation Separate sprinkler installation can be seamlessly assembled with double nozzles, separate nozzles can be separated separately (1.8 m link cable) can be equipped with nozzles with anti-collision components 13.Support language Support more than 40 countries and regions (Chinese / English / Arabic / Russian / French / Vietnamese / Korean / Burmese /Indonesian / Hindi / Portuguese / Japanese / Spanish / Italian...) 14.Power parameter Power adapter 100-240V AC input 30∨4A DC output 15.Machine material Industrial grade standard protective body (aviation grade aluminum/industrial grade stainless steel) 16.Machine specification Host: 202mm*119mm*61.2mm nozzle group: 112mm*79mm*103mm 17.working environment: Temperature 0-45 ° C / humidity 30-70% Rh

Packing & Delivery

package weight 6kg After payment is complete, your order will ship within 3 days We use express UPS, DHL, EMS, FedEx, and the package will reach your hand in 3-12 working days.


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