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TTO consumables optional color:Red,Black,White

Are you facing such a problem:

Manufacturers vary in quality

Difficult to detect substandard products

Low efficiency affects progress

Poor after-sale products services.

TTO intelligent coding machine:

All metal structure,strong and durable

Supports both intermittent and continuous printing modes

Automatically detect printer status

It is suitable for food, medicine, daily chemical, household paper and othertypes of flexible packaging variable code (including traceability code, barcode)printing.

We regard reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) as the key to TTOdesign, and FC53/32 goes with HPRT original ribbon to ensure the bestprint effect and lower use cost.

Cost Saving:

20mm to 50mm ultra wide ribbon to optimize ribbon usage

With Format Designer software; has the function of auto ribbon optimizationPatented ribbon with saving function to reduce ribbon waste

LOw-cost 32mm TPH for option, which meets the demand of less-than-35mm ribbon usageMax. 1100-meter ribbon with less replacement to save printing cost

Optimize Operation:

Obtain availability,ribbon status and broken dots detection at real timeStandard 1100-meter ribbon brings longer running time

Smart data input function makes working management more convenient and safer so as to minimize errorsWith simple information design software "Format Designer"

High Reliability:

Cost-effective TPH warranty service

Solid and reliable structure: without any quick-wear parts in ribbon cassette designHigh time availability

lP protection options for harsh environmental conditions and high-pressure watering

Highly Efficient Print:

lmported smart TPH, with the function of auto setting and broken dots detection to ensure best print qualityEach package can have the exclusive coding

Print speed up to 60omm/s

High resolution of 300dpi


Pint at 2.5 bar pressure, and the loss of compressed air for each printing is as low as 0.4mlPower consumption has decreased 50%

New standard ribbon design reduce 20% of ribbon waste

Power-saving function of controller improves the energy efficiency

High quality,multiple applications

Vertical packaging machine,labeling machine essential intelligent coding machine.

1.Product performance is stable and quality is reliable

2.The product structure is simple and durable

3.Easy to operate

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.