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Product Description

1. Instant-drying inks, strong adhesive power and used for all kinds of materials
2. 10.4 inch TFT color touch screen from SHARP
3. The world's most advanced electronic components, the latest chips (32)
4. Power supplied by the Aerospace Industry
5. Built-in pump from Germany
6. Clock system inside the device which can make the date and time printing in real time
7. Stable ink system
8. Sealed and Dust proof print head
9. Automatic print head flushing
10. Reminding to add ink function
11. Cleaning the ink pipe and nozzle by pressing one key, fault self-diagnosis and maintenance
12. Works well in the temperature -20℃
1. Graphics editing function
2. Hand writting input and support BMP format graphic
3. Easy words input
4. Language available: Chinese ,English, French, Spain, Portugal, Italy ,Korea, Russia, German, Turkish, Persian, Vietnam, Arabia
5. Adopt most advanced ball viscosity meter which can adjust the ink viscosity automatically

6. Printing contents can be changed when printing,no need stop the production line

Packing & Delivery

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