Faith Laser Marking Machine

Do you worry about that when you buy a laser marking machine?

The following problems will not occur:

Recurrence of selection difficutlties

Marking blurred effect

Long time consuming,poor effect

No-after sale services,no guarantee

We realize your expectations

our advantage:innovative design,HD marking,high speed,multi-interface,quick response,high precision

high speed galvanometer

innovative design optimizes the internal structure of the laser

improve integration,improve compatibility

reinforced metal shell strongly protects internal parts

efficient and quality

positioning system where the intersection point of double red light coincides whith the focal point of the field lens 

cooperate with high-precision two-dimensional magnetic levitation scanning galvanometer

print preview repeat accuracy up to 0.01m

can be accurate to 0.5mm

both high quality and high efficiency

original mainboard EZCAD2.0

reject pirated software 

design of anodized aluminum

no any trouble caused by dust clogging

no any consumables,maintenance-free

greatly reduces the diffficulty of wokers' operation.


food&beverage,pharmaceutical,studio,pipe&cable,plasitic abs/pvc/pe,packing bag 

genuine  software  features  powerful

adopt windows interface.compatible with CORELDRAW,AUTOCAD and other software PLT,AI,DXF,BMP files ,direct use of SHX,TTF font libary

detail display

optional imported or domestic lasers,such as IPG,Raycus,Max

select sinogalva high speed digital galvanomenter

select singapore wavelength field mirror

optional 8 inch or 10 inch control screen

mean well industrial DC switching power supply

multi-angle flexible operation of the machine

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.