Merry Christmas

We are Shenyang Faith Technology Company,We wish you merry Christmas and enjoy the happiness every day. Happy new year!

Holiday form

Christmas cards are very popular as Christmas gifts in the United States and Europe. Many families bring annual family photos or family news with the cards. The news generally includes the advantages and specialties of family members in the past year. Sending Christmas cards on Christmas Day, in addition to expressing the joy of celebrating Christmas, is to bless relatives and friends as a sign of longing. Especially for relatives and friends who are in loneliness, it is cordial care and comfort.

Folding holiday decoration

Christmas decorations include: Christmas stockings, which used to be a pair of big red socks, regardless of size. Because Christmas stockings are used to hold gifts, they are children’s favorite things. At night, they will hang their socks by the bed and wait for the next morning to receive gifts; Christmas hat is a red hat, which is said to be at night In addition to sleeping peacefully and a little warmly, the next day you will find that there are more gifts from sweethearts in the hat; Christmas trees, usually people put in an evergreen plant (such as a pine) around Christmas Indoors or outdoors, decorated with Christmas lights and colorful decorations, and placed an angel or star on the top of the tree. The Christmas tree originated in Germany; Christmas rings are decorations used in Western countries to hang at the door during Christmas. Usually green branches or vines (pine hairs, pine needles, etc.) and silver metal and golden bells with red ribbons are used to form the main color. The four colors of green, white, yellow, and red represent joy and celebration, and they are written on it. With the words MERRY CHRISTMAS or X'mas in short, the Christmas ring first appeared in Finland.

Folding holiday diet

Christmas diet includes turkey, tree trunk cake, almond pudding, gingerbread, seafood, glogi wine, beach feast, polenta, etc.

Fold the character image

The Christmas character image mainly refers to Santa Claus (Santa Claus), whose prototype is living in AD. Santa Claus is his nickname afterwards. This name comes from the story of him secretly giving money to help three girls. Nicholas was revered as a saint after his death. The image of Santa Claus is an old man with a white beard wearing a red robe and a red hat. Every Christmas he drives from the north in a sleigh pulled by a deer, enters each house through the chimney, and hangs Christmas gifts in socks on the children's bedside or in front of the stove.

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