CO2 laser marking machine
PL420 CO2 Laser Marking Machine On Production Line For Plastic Bottles Glass| Faith

                               Marking non-metal

  • Permanent mark


  • No consumption

  • High performance metal RF CO2 laser is used to enhance the stability and laser life.


  • Laser controller converts the software instructions, marking content into galvanometer, laser source and auxiliary equipment understandable language, execute marking.

  • Excellent optical quality, high precision, suitable for fine work, suitable for most non-metallic materials.


CO2 laser, high quality laser, high photoelectric conversion rate, low power consumption, maintenance-free.


Select Sino-Galva High Speed Digital Galvanometer

Stable performance and smooth operation, suitable for 24 hours uninterrupted operation.

Produce accurate and repeatable marking 

in a short period of time.

Industrial interfaces, plug and play,globally compatible communication equipment, all digital boards fit most PLCS, 

reducing installation and programming time and cost.

               Can print products of different materials and colors

Laser power




Maximum speed

900 characters/second

1200 characters/second

1800 characters/second

Operating language

English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc. and corresponding input methods

Software introduction

Management authority : Multi-account management authority

Optoelectronic type : support 15N for NPN or PNP signal input

Operating system: Embedded anti-virus Linux kernel operating system

Coding mode : static coding, analog speed coding, encoder speed coding

Reserved signal : marking start, marking status, marking completion, fault alarm

Encoding fonts : support SHX and TTF fonts and CSF fonts independently 

developed by our company

Variable type code : serial code, time code, TXT file import, scan gun read code

Multi-port coding : support 4 external trigger signals, each signal can mark 

different files separately

QR code types : QR codes, DA codes, and dozens of types of barcodes or QR codes

Code area and focal length (mm)

Lenses 110*110/fd160, 150*150/fd210, 175*175/fd254, 200*200/fd290, 220*220/fd330

Laser Galvanometer standard positioning red light focusing function


WYSIWYG 8 inch color touch screen, QWERTY or AZERTY virtual keyboard, navigation through icons and online help files 500 information storage capacity

Quick plug laser head, power control box and accessories (photoelectric monitor, synchronizer, data cable, etc.)

Coding parameters

Marking line width:0.09mm 

Minimum character size: 0.15mm

Marking speed:≤1 2000mm/s

Marking depth:0.01-2mm

Repeat positioning accuracy: ± 0.002m

Making material:All metals and most non-metals 

Marking content: text graphics, automatic date, shift, serial number...

Beam quality:<2(M2)

Cooling system: Built-in air cooling 

Laser type: pulsed or continuous

Scanning mode: high precision optical scanning galvanometer 

Number of lines: limited only by character height and printable area 

Laser safety level: 1P54 safety index: level IV

Marking range: Standard 110mm, optional 150/175/200/300/400/600

Operating environment and power supply

Operating environment:temperature: -20 °C-45 °C, relative humidity 80%;

Power supply: 220V 50Hz AC, total power consumption: 500w

Dimension and weight

Flight support size: 524*550*1455mm; Overall dimension of case: 450*200*310mm; Optical head: 510*100*130mm

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  • 1.What are the primary products of your company?
    Our primary products include laser marking machine, inkjet printer machine,paging machine.
  • 2.Where is your laser marking machine applied to?
    Our laser equipment is applied to metal, non-metal, textiles, leather, shoes, advertisement, gifts, electronic components, stamp,etc
  • 3.Which countries are your laser machinery sold to?
    Our products are widely exported to Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia,
    Turkey, India, Italy, and other countries.
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    The products will be delivered to you within one week after the order is confirmed.
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    All of our product with CE, ISO


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