Introto fiber laser marking machine Faith

Faith  is manufactured with advanced technologies. They include composite weaving technology, modern electrostatic nano-composite technology, textile printing and dyeing technology.

The product is strong because designing and manufacturing are executed using highly automated machines and computer-aided designing technology,which effectively result in products with great structural strength.

Desktop design, convenient operation

Marking process: To expose the deep layer through the evaporation of the surface material, or to make the light/optical energy produce "engraving" traces through the chemical and physical changes, or to display the required patterns, text, etc. through the light energy burning certain materials. The machine can mark numbers, Chinese characters, English letters, graphics support automatic encoding, serial number, batch number, date barcode, QR code,  etc.


Permanent marking

The trace of laser engraving is permanent and will not be eroded or easily erased.


 High definition

High quality beams can be focused to a very small point. Combined with high energy density. Produce accurate and repeatable marking in a short time.


Strong compatibility

industrial interface, strong compatibility. All digital board is suitable for most PLCs, reducing the time and cost of installation and programming.

Support multiple materials and various data types marking

-It can mark various metal and some non-metal, metal alloy materials, plastic, rubber, leather and other materials

-Meet the high-speed production requirements of automobile, electronics, medical machinery processing, etc

-Marking pattern, text, datmatrix QR code, serial number, counter, date, shift, variable, etc

Different power applications




multi purpose solution


Ultra-high speed marking


depth marking / engraving


Red light preview

The rectangular frame generated by the red light can show the marking range, realize what you see is what you get

Support multiple file formats

This machine supports PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other files, directly use SHX, TTF font library. Automatic serial number, date and time can be set according to production needs


Connect rotator

This machine can be connected with a rotator to mark cylindrical or arc-shaped objects synchronously, further expanding the application range.


Red light focusing function

Through the visual adjustment of the red light spot, the focal length of the machine is precisely positioned to maximize the energy of the laser beam.

Other Characteristic



  Multilingual support

  Mark any input method language installed in the operating system

  Contactless printing

  No mechanical stress on the surface of the object

  Permanent identification

  If it is not deliberately damaged, the content of the mark will never disappear

  Adjustable marking parameters

  Laser power and marking frequency can be adjusted at any time

  No consumables

  The laser marking machine only consumes electric energy and does not consume any other consumables

  Easy maintenance

  Just need to do proper dust-proof treatment to the field lens, no special maintenance is needed

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If you are interested, please contact us

1.What are the primary products of your company?

Our primary products include laser marking machine, inkjet printer machine,paging machine.

2.Where is your laser marking machine applied to?

Our laser equipment is applied to metal, non-metal, textiles, leather, shoes, advertisement, gifts, electronic components, stamp,etc

3.Which countries are your laser machinery sold to?

Our products are widely exported to Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia,
Turkey, India, Italy, and other countries.

4.How long is the delivery time?

The products will be delivered to you within one week after the order is confirmed.

5.What certificate has your company got?

All of our product with CE, ISO



About Faith

Shenyang Faith Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which integrates independent research and development, production, sales and service. It specializes in providing industrial coding technology and traceable system solutions. The company was founded in 2010 with a 30-person  team and a 500㎡ production workshop. After more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, by early 2020, it has developed into an excellent team of 300 people and a 2500㎡ production workshop.     The company's products mainly include laser marking machines, CIJ printers, TIJ printers, and conveyor belts. The products are exported to Spain, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Ecuador and other 126 countries, serving more than 200,000 customers.   The company's philosophy is focus on coding, treats quality as the base and service-oriented principles. Shenyang Faith Technology's vision is to become the most professional, caring and trustworthy enterprise in the printing industry.

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