Faith foreign friend Mr. Ty made the demonstration about printing of KD210 ink jet printer dated Mar.31,2021

Many customers appreciate it a lot because they find it hard to find any loose threads or unqualified stitches on this product.

KD210 online inkjet printer, with efficient and flexible dynamic database printing function, supports traceability and anti-counterfeiting system, dynamic database real-time high-speed printing, supports 40 multi-language, powerful GS1 two-dimensional code and bar code function .


One machine, dual purposes

The flexible combination of nozzles modules, which

enable the machine to realize a single nozzle
printing, or two nozzles printing, it can be used in two
production lines instead of two printers


Three data interfaces, four types of

information transmission

Interface type: USB, RS232, RJ45. Users can
store pictures (.bmp), text (.txt / .csv / .xlsx),
database and EXCEL in the U disk to connect this
machine to print directly.


Terminal Centralized Control

One user terminal controls multiple printing devices,
which realizes multiple printers working in time sequence,
and makes the production line intelligent.


Seamless splicing With Dual Print Heads

Through the software AI algorithm,

the trigger time of each nozzle is precisely
controlled to achieve the perfect splicing of the nozzles.


Two printing trigger methods

Encoder: To realize equiditant printing of tubes,
profiles and other products High-performance photoelectric sensor:
print a single product.


Avoid Nozzle Clogging

Faith researched the "Alternate Printing" model in the industry.
The left and right rows of the ink cartridge nozzles work alternately,
which avoids the problem of nozzle clogging and also extends the
service life of the nozzles.

Other Function



Warm the low temperature cartridge

Pre-heat the ink cartridge in a low temperature environment of 0 ° C to keep the ink in the best printing state and ensure the stability of the printout.

Six levels of grayscales adjustment

Through precise control of the working voltage and ignition frequency of the ink cartridge, six-level grayscales adjustment is realized to ensure that the printing effect is perfectly presented.

support multi-languauge

Support more than 40 languages, regardless of system operation or printout language can be flexibly set. which truly realized the barrier-free operation for global users.

Fonts are input independently

User can download font files in ttf, ttc, otf, pfb and other formats by themselves, and input them through U disk.

Wireless keyboard and mouse operation

By connecting a wireless keyboard and mouse to edit the print content, it provides users with a variety of human-computer interaction options.

Serial number output control

Support to print out the serial numbers intelligently after sorting. While improving efficiency, it avoids the risk of misoperations that may be caused by man



Q1: What can printer print?
A1: It can print pictures, numbers, time, months, days, two-dimensional codes, all kinds of patterns.

Q2: Can the inkjet printer of KD210-1 automatic production line connect to the computer?
A2: can connect computers , and a computer can connect multiple printers to work together.

Q3: What is the printing speed?
A3: The highest speed of printing is 406 meters per minute.

Q4: What is the printing distance between the printer's print head and material?
A4: Better between 2 and 5 mm.

Q5: Do you have after-sale?
A5: Sure,We have remote technical support 7*24.

Q6: How much capacity does a cartridge have and how many words can it print?
A6: With 42 ML fast-drying ink, a cartridge can print 800,000-1.5 million characters.

Q7: How should I get more videos or details if I need them?
A7: You can get more information from our .customer service.

Q8: Can this mark be erased?
A8: It can not erased by hand,unless use hard tool .

Q9: How long does it take for the ink to dry?
A9: About 3-5 seconds.

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