Brief Introduction

As a newly updated packaging equipment, One-piece Heat Shrink Film Wrapping Machine is designed and manufactured with high efficiency and continuous operation based on the characteristics of heat shrinkable packaging film. It can arrange, set up a single product (such as PET bottle), set up a group, push the bottle and wrap the film, and finally form a collection package by heating shrinkage and cooling. The products after packaging are firm, regular and beautiful in appearance and cost saving.



Main Features

  -  Specially designed for bundle packing of beer, drinks and beverage, fruit juice, bottle water, dairy, condiment and so on with or without bottom support.

  -  Unique film layoff mechanism and constant tension film conveyor are adopted, featuring instantaneous film cutting, automatic film connecting and 4 wrapping and higher strength after shrinking packing.

  -  Special shaking setting for bottle-dividing,none status for blocking and bearing bottle,smooth transport

  -  Equipped servo motor control system, bottle-feeding, film feeding, film cutting and film wrapping are accurate, synchronous, stable and reliable.

  -  The 10-inch LCD color screen has a friendly operation interface,and it is rapid for parameter setting and convenient for human-machine communication, operation and control.

  -  Adopting air circulation technology, the shrinkage chamber features rational structure, heat insulation, high precision for temperature control and better packing effects.

  -  Ulunn-film transfer system, use ultra-thin PE film with faster speed and stable.

  -  More than 90% of electrical components are imported high-quality brands, stable and reliable. 

  -  The whole machine adopts energy-saving technology design, saving 35% energy consumption, low carbon and environmental protection.

  -  The machine can be added print film system, cardboard+film or tray+film packing setting.

Product Specification

1) Packaging Product :380ml/500ml/1000ml/2000ml PET Bottled Water and Tin Canned Beverage  (or other special containers) 

2) Packaging Specification:2×3, 3×4, 4×6 (or other combinations)

3) Max Package Dimension: 460×280×350 mm

4) With or without cardboard supporting tray

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