Print Product Name and Expiry Date Labels in English and Chinese Characters on Food Cans and Plastic Packaging Bag.

Product Name:Faith KD380 handheld Inkjet Print
For Faith inkjet print provide 3 years of quality assurance services,provide   Lifetime solution after purchase
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The Handheld Inkjet Printer is great for marking porous, semi-porous and non-porous substrates on the fly! The Handheld Inkjet
Printer prints high resolution alphanumeric text, barcodes, logos and much more. The Handheld Inkjet Printer comes equipped with
built in counters for marking date and time codes, lot codes, batch codes and much more!

Quick Details of Date Marking Printing Machine

The printable contents of KD380 handheld intelligent jet printer include: time, production (validity), batch number, bar code, two-dimensional code, multiple surface marking images of different materials. With hand-held spray bracket and transmission platform, you can build a fully automated production line spray code. Combination accessories Faith are available for sale. You can click to consult us for details. The fastest transmission speed of the transmission station can reach 70 meters per minute. It can adjust the printing speed and transmission speed. It is very suitable for spray code printing of cartons, cartons, boards, plastic bottles, PVC pipes, aluminum foil, etc.

Some things you need to know about cartridges

You need to pay great attention to the fact that the inks you buy are divided into two categories, the uses are not the same, and the prices are different. 1, Water-based pigment ink, which is only suitable for paper towels, A4 white paper, non-film (matte) carton, cloth, wood, cement wall surface and other water-absorbent macromolecular materials; 2, the solvent property is fast-drying ink, suitable for food packaging bag boxes, cosmetics, daily necessities, plastic, glass, metal, pipe, stone, wood board, MDF, aluminum foil, cable, leather, white paper carton, etc. A variety of materials are used. 3,Both the water-based pigment ink cartridge and the solvent-based ink cartridge can be used on the same machine, that is, they can be replaced at any time. 4,The capacity standard of the hand-held inkjet printer cartridge is 42ml. One ink cartridge can print more than 100,000 characters. The handheld printer has a nozzle protection cover. When the printing is paused, the protective cover needs to be covered to prevent the nozzle from being air-dried and blocked.

Product and Advantages

Features of Handheld Expiry Date Printer Machine

1. Performance: At present, the best product design scheme in the market, and the use of advanced components, is the latest technology.
2. Simple system: no complicated operation, one button start, 20 seconds replaceable cartridge
4. Simple: 5-inch touch screen, WYSIWYG, built-in graphics editor, easy to edit logo at low cost
3. Effect: 600 DPI high resolution printing effect, you can import the variable data needed to print through U disk
5. Security: IP4 protection level, stable performance in harsh working environment.
Advantages of this printer
6. No maintenance cost: integrated cartridge and printer. No maintenance costs.

1.Customized multiple language:According to the actual needs of users from different countries and regions, we can customize
inkjet printer in different languages for you.
2.Multi-nozzle and large size can be customized:You can customize large character Handheld inkjet printer according to the actual
use, increasing the height of characters.
3.Handheld inkjet printer runs on the android operating system, and you can master handheld inkjet printer in minutes
4.Widely used:handheld inkjet printer can mark most materials.
5.Flexible customization:We can produce OEM,ODM customized products, but also according to customer needs to customize other LOGO

We can produce OEM , ODM customized Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer , but also according to customer needs to customize other LOGO

Handheld supports or customized production line accessories can be configured according to user requirements.

Product Parameters
technical parameter
Product Name
Faith Multilingual Settings Portable Handheld inkjet Printer for Date/ Product QR Bar code/Picture/Time
KD 380
Ink volume:
42 ml(usually can print 100,000 characters)
Printing accuracy:
300-600 dpi
Printing speed:
70 m/min
Printing height:
1.2 mm - 12.7 mm
Operation Menu:
Android system(easy operation)
English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese
External interface:
USB, DB15, Photoelectric interface,
Printing direction:
Adjustable with 360 degree, meet all kinds of production needs
Printing content:
number, date, time, QR code, bar code, picture and multilingual
Automatic print:
Date, time, batch number
Board, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic, electronics, automotive parts
Printing length:
2000 characters for each message, no limitation on length
Printing speed:
Printing pictures:
All kinds of logos, pictures can be uploaded through USB disk
Printing line:
1-8 lines (adjustable)
Printing distance:
1-10 mm Mechanical Adjustment (best is 2-5 mm)
Print serial number:
Ink type:
Quick-dry, water based ,oily ink
Ink color:
Black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, invisible
DC 12.0 lithium battery / ≤ 5W  (10-20 hours working)
the system can store more than 1000 mass (external USB make the information transfer in a free way)
Working condition:
Temperature:0 - 45 degree; Humidity: 10% - 80%
Packing & Delivery
Expiry Date Marking Printing Machine is suitable for marking wood, carton, stone, medium density fiberboard, light steel, pipe, metal, plastic, aluminium foil, cable and other materials. Portable Intelligent High Definition Hand-held Inkjet Printer, Date Identification Encoder, Label Printer, Carton Machine, Date Encoder, Pipe, Plastic, Label, etc. Quick-drying inks for non-absorbent surfaces, such as metals, plastics, packaging bags, glass, etc. If you have any requests, please contact us and we will reply to you within 24 hours.
Why Choose US

Our main factory located in Beijing who is the leading manufacturer of Industril Marking Machine. We are committed to improving the quality of products and services by providing high quality and cost effectiive products. We specialize in CIJ printer, Laser Marking Machines and TIJ handheld inkjet printers and etc. We have more than 30 offices all over China . So welcom to visit us for checking our quality . 

Professional Team

Faith brings the world's top professionals and technology together. From software development to hardware design, 100% strict system testing and technical services are all completed by our highly qualified staff.

Energetic Service Team

7*24 hours online quick reply, well-trained and passional managers are always here. Packages would be sent as soon as payment received, and the transportation process would be followed carefully. We shall offer you a happy ordering experience.

1, Can this printer print my product?
We have water-based ink cartridge and quick dry ink cartridge to suit different materials. Most of the products can be printed with EXP date, batch code, bar code, QR code, serial number, logo and other printing information.

2, Can the mark be erased?
No, if you do not scrape with hard tool, it can not be erased.

3, How long will it take for the ink to become dry?
3-5 seconds.

4, Are you a factory or a trading company?
We have our own factory and we provide perfect OEM and after sale service.

5, How can I know your machine works well?
Before delivery, we have tested every machine and adjusted it to the best condition. If you have special production condition, we could also adjust the machine for you.

6, Do I only use the supplies of the machines from your factory?
Not necessarily. We offer HP original import ink supplies, but the machine could suit for most cartridges.You could choose other as your wish.

7, Can I choose trade-assurance for payment?
Of course, we welcome order from trade assurance because the free service provided by Alibaba guarantees the safety of buyer's money and seller's prompt delivery, that is the safety of money and goods for both of us.

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