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1)This PL600 fiber laser marking machine can be equipped with a variety of power laser light source, no matter what industry you belong to, we supply with the most suitable fiber laser marking machine;

2)The marking speed is fast, the efficiency is high, in the same time the workpiece output increases obviously, speeds up the user's investment return;

3) The 
pl600 handheld laser marking machine has a long service life, stable laser output power, high reliability, and can work continuously under harsh working conditions. In principle, service life is more than 100,000 hours, which is basically maintenation-free and more than 15 times of the semiconductor

4)Compact size, low energy consumption, convenient handling, saving production space

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Detailed description of pl600 handheld laser marking machine

Metal body, durable

All-alloy body, IP65 protection grade, all parts of the machine meet industrial standard , making PL600 stable and durable.
Small size and powerful function

The small size is suitable for more working environments. adopts the latest accessories with complete function.
Low energy consumption,high quality output

With higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, 30% higher than the ordinary laser, Which greatly reduce the wasted work consumption, and improve the laser quality

Patent support, strong performance.

The galvanometer system has the characteristics of zero drift, fast speed, small volume, low temperature and stable and reliable operation, and its comprehensive performance index has reached the international professional level, and has obtained a number of national patents.
High precision field lens

The lens is made of corning 7980 material and coated with a high permeability anti-reflection film.
Retractable workbench for easy operation

The workbench adopts three layers of retractable structure, which can be adjusted freely according to the working environment. The alloy material is firm and stable.

Air cooling system

Two high-power and low-noise fans are equipped in the main unit to avoid the possibility of overheating , so that the machine can work continuously
Marking on variety of metals

Suitable for a variety of metals surface, Large machinery or other heavy equipment.

Red light preview

The red light produces a rectangular frame, which clearly indicates the specific range of printing, so that what you see is what you get
Support multiple file formats

Support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other files, and directly use SHX, TTF libraries. Support barcode font, set automatic serial number, date and time according to production needs.

 Parameter of 

Product NameStatic handheld fiber laser marking machine
Laser Power20W/30W/50W
Laser Wavelenghth1060nm
Beam Quality<2(M2)
Laser TypePulse or Continuity
Cooling SystemAir Cooling
Power Supply200V,50Hz
Operating EnvironmentTemperature:-20ºC-45ºC relative humidity 80%
Marking Depth10w 0.3mm or less 20w 0.5mm or less 30w 0.7mm
Marking Speed 7000 mm/s or less
Marking RangeStandard plane 110mm*110mm can be customized 
Minimum of characters0.15mm
Minimumline width0.012mm
Repeat precision+/- 0.002
Operating systemWin 98/ Win 2000 / Win XP/ Win 7
GraphiceditorSoftware provide self editor,computer input,plane circumference,fan-shape distribution and end.
Graphic conversionSoftware to provide Auto CAD Corel DrawCAXA graphic file conversion

Application of pl600 handheld laser marking machine

1. can be a variety of metal, non-metallic materials for processing.Especially for high hardness, high melting point, brittle
material marking more obvious advantages.

2. belongs to the non-contact processing, does not damage the product, no tool wear, marking good quality.

3. The laser beam is fine, the processing material consumption is small, and the processing heat influence area is small.

4. high processing efficiency, the use of computer control, easy to achieve automation

Packing List of pl600 handheld laser marking machine
Name of a single accessory attachedQuantity
Optical fiber laser machine cabinet1
Scanning galvanometer1
General control power box1
3D lifting bracket1
Professional date line1

Certificate of pl600 handheld laser marking machine
We have a variety of professional qualification certificates, quality assurance, you can rest assured to buy.

why choose us?

We have accumulated rich experience in design and production. In addition to the imported automatic printing equipment in domestic car production line, our company has an absolute advantage, and has installed more than 35,000 sets of systems worldwide.The sales volume of mechanical marking system ranks the first in the world, and the sales volume of laser marking system ranks the first in Asia.Some domestic customers such as Toyota, faw Volkswagen, faw assembly geely, tianjin xiali, ningbo, Shanghai maple, Shanghai gm, jiangsu yueda KIA, foton, guangzhou Honda, Beijing hyundai, Beijing Benz, jinbei automobile, brilliance and other manufacturers, both chose my company with the line of printing equipment, the equipment on the production line of continuous and reliable work, low failure rate, create value for customers, the company won the honor for me.


For more than 11 years, Faith products have been exported to 126 countries, occupying 7% of the industry's market share, and customers all over the world
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1.What are the primary products of your company?

Our primary products include laser marking machine, inkjet printer machine,paging machine.

2.Where is your laser marking machine applied to?

Our laser equipment is applied to metal, non-metal, textiles, leather, shoes, advertisement, gifts, electronic components, stamp,etc

3.Which countries are your laser machinery sold to?

Our products are widely exported to Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia,
Turkey, India, Italy, and other countries.

4.How long is the delivery time?

The products will be delivered to you within one week after the order is confirmed.

5.What certificate has your company got?

All of our product with CE, ISO

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