Continuous inkjet printer 

Automatic cleaning to prevent clogging

concave and convex surface coding

high precision nozzle

the nozzle adopts a portable disassembly and assembly structure design, easy to replace and clean

With extrnal reset and update counter function,external information, control is reversed,

external selection of printing information, modificaation of fonts, custom hexadecimal,

external communication, weghing printing 

packiagng carton ,medicine, PET plastics, Furniture and wood,  Food packaging,  Advisory service

Match with paging machine

mainly used for stacking plastic bags, paper, bags, cards, enables conveying and coding of a single product

The nozzle valve adopts directly sealing hole design, which can effectively prevent ink leakage. single print head and recovery diaphragm pump design makes more stable and durable.

The main board with newest structure has superior performance of function and stability, and the EHT is dustproof and waterproof, better to deal with the harsh and complex environment.

The port adopts IP68 grade design, supports serial port, network port, counter one-key reset and information control function.

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