One Pass Carton Printer

Product application range

High intelligent positioning

Low cost consumables

Product application range

Single pass Digital printing equipment,Color plateless digital printing,sed in carton packaging,customized handbags,

customized paper cups.customized paper bags,color label printing and other industriesand can be printed on various

 absorbent packaging materials

Core hardware configuration

1. Printing system control circuit board

Core processor: Use the internationally renowned brand American Xilinx XILINX industrial-grade processor chip Core storage module: Use the internationally renowned brand American Micron DDR4 memory chip; Data transmission module: Use the internationally renowned brand American Microchip MICROCHIP Gigabit Network Industry level chip.

Power module

Using the internationally renowned brand Taiwan MEAN WELL power module.

Signal transmission module

Use Gigabit network cable to transmit printing to ensure the stability and timeliness of big data signal transmission.

Machine frame structure

Adopting internationally accepted European standard industrial-grade, high-strength alloy profiles to ensure the stability of the machine structure.

Fastening connectors for various parts of the machine

Use 12.9-level high-strength, industrial-grade accessories to ensure the stability of each link part of the machine.

Water-based Ink:

There are two kinds of water-based ink, one is water-based pigment ink, and the other is

water-based dye ink. The two are very different. The water-based pigment can resist

ultraviolet radiation, and it is fadeless and waterproof. Water-based dye can't resist

ultraviolet radiation, and it is not waterproof, which will fade over time.

* These two inks are selected according to your different needs. If you require the ink

to be waterproof and want to keep it for a long time, choose water-based pigment

ink. If you do not require the ink to be waterproof and just want to keep it for a short time,

choose water-based dye ink.

* Water-based ink has 4 colors: C, M, Y, K ( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)

* One liter of ink can print 60,000 pieces of A4 paper with 5% coverage

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