Ten Advantages

Years of coding experience precipitation creates quality.professionally solves coding problems

OEM ODM one-stop service、Anti-counterfeiting traceability data printing

Easy operation with 10.1" large screen、Real-time calculation of printing costs

One-key start and stop precise control、Wireless keyboard and mouse control

Independent module maintenance is simple、GS1International medicine monitor code

Automatic cleaning to prevent clogging、Printing speed up to 411m/min

Stainless steel body

IP55 grade stainless steel body can adapt to various complex working environments

360°rotatable nozzle

With external reset and update counter function,external information ,control is reversed,external selection of printing information,modification of fonts, custom hexadecimal.external communication, weighing printing

Operation panel

10.1-inch touch screen, multi-languages operation interface,the inclination angle design of the panel is convenient for operation,the function layout of the operation interface is clear and reasonablethe operation is simple and convenient, and the printing status andcontent can be monitored in real time

Application Scenarios

The small character inkjet printer is an efficient and portable inkjet printing equipment that is widely used in various industries. In the food industry, it can print production date, batch number and barcode on packaging to ensure product traceability and anti-counterfeiting and improve consumer safety. In the pharmaceutical industry, small character inkjet printers can print drug identification codes and instructions for use, improving drug management and traceability capabilities. In the daily necessities industry, it can mark product names, specifications and expiration dates to help consumers accurately identify and use products. In addition, in the manufacturing of electronic components, small character inkjet printers can mark serial numbers and batch information to improve product tracking and quality management efficiency. Whether it is a flat surface or a curved or irregular surface, the small character inkjet printer can accurately print the required information. It has the characteristics of fast printing speed, high printing quality, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Small character inkjet printers have a wide range of applications, providing efficient and reliable marking solutions for various industries to meet the market's demand for information and personalization.


Food Packaging


Packing Carton


Furniture and Wood


Advisory Service

Can Be Used With Conveyor Belts

Suitable for a variety of different industry production lines with mass inkjet coding.Mainly used for stacking plastic bags, paper, bags, cardsenables conveying and coding of a single product

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