High-Speed Variable Data Printing System

Anti-counterfeiting traceability data printing

Software adjustable seamless link

Calculate printing costs in real time

Network remote centralized management

Production line alarm light control

Wireless keyboard and mouse control

Supports large-capacity ink bag ink supply system

Support personalized customization of OEM brand functions

Dual nozzles can be spliced and dual nozzles can be installed independently

Nine Core Technologies

7-inch screen, high-definition smart touch screen, USB flash drive can be inserted, required graphic data can be imported, 300DPI, high-definition analysis and inkjet printing, character height can be adjusted, text size can be adjusted freely, multi-language content can be edited freely, and continuous work can be done. Stable and no lag.

Product Application

TIJ online inkjet printer is an efficient and convenient inkjet printing equipment, suitable for food, pharmaceutical, daily necessities, electronics, packaging and other industries. It can print production date, batch number, barcode and other information on paper, plastic, metal, glass and other materials to improve product traceability, safety and market competitiveness. Using thermal inkjet technology, the printing speed is fast, the printing quality is high, and the operation is easy. TIJ online inkjet printer is an efficient and reliable marking solution that meets the coding needs of various industries.

Plastic curved surface printing display
Canned plastic bottle cap printing display
Metal can printing display

Detailed Parameters

Nozzle typeTIJ2.5 thermal foaming nozzle
Printing accuracyResolution up to 600 600 DP1 (vertical: 100DP1, 150DP, 300DPl, 600DPI horizontal: 30-600DPI precision adjustment) adjustable printing grayscale 1-6 levels
Printing heightMinimum printing height 1mm, single nozzle printing height 12.7mm, dual nozzle maximum printing height 25.4mm (the best quality distance between the nozzle and the printing surface is 1-2mm)
Printing speed406 meters /90DPl, 304 meters 120DP, 240 meters /150DPl, 120 meters 300DPL, 60 meters 600DP (multiple sets of variable data, ultra-high-speed response printing within 10 milliseconds)
Printing contentMulti-language characters/GS1 DataMatrix/dynamic traceability QR code/barcode/graphic/serial number/date/shift/counter/variable database/network serial port real-time
Printing materialCarton/paper/metal/sheet/pipe/stone/cable/electronic component/auto parts/industrial chemical packaging/medical food gift box
Ink typeFood grade, water-based, oil-based, eco-solvent, solvent 42ml ink cartridge, large-capacity ink bag continuous ink supply system
Ink colorBlack, white, red, yellow, blue, green, invisible, UV (food grade ink of various colors)
Ink cartridge chipRFID non-contact chip, automatically identifies ink parameters and records ink remaining amount

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