Large Character Inkjet Printer

Product Features

  • 01
    Simple operation and easy installation
    All-in-one user interface, 7-inch large screen display,faster operation, modular design,Small size and easy installation.
  • 02
    Character height adjstable
    You can rotate the nozzle to match the corresponding slope to adjust the word height, so that it can be adjusted without changing the word height while increasing the number of dot matrices, adjustable from 25mm to 60mm for 16 dot matrices, full meet various production needs.
  • 03
    High performance controller
    One controller can control up to 4 16-point sprinklers, and each sprinkler can interact with each other print various

  • text files independently, and users can flexibly install nozzles according to their needs quantity, to meet any needs of different identification.
  • 04
    Powerful expansion function
    Optional synchronizer, the printing can also change when the moving speed of the object changes, without stopping adjust the printing speed according to production, the inkjet printer can run 24 hours without interruption, and can to perform dynamic data transmission extensions, such as linking electronic scales
  • 05
    Success case
    Successful application of safety,and environmental protection in the industryAdopting a unique nozzle with self-cleaning. and maintenance functions, it has been successfully applied in multiple industries, including metal, glass, carton, wood, plastic and building material

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Wireless hotspot transmission Remote control

Multiple data transmission methods, convenient transmission


Support RS232 serial communication and WIF wireless communication two data transmission methodsPlease consult customer service for more formats


Support for Real-time Transport ProtocolCompatible with multiple formats

You can rotate the nozzle to match the corresponding slope to adjust the word height.

So that it can be adjusted without changing the number of dot matrices while changing the word height of the 16 dot matrix is adjustable from 5mm to 60mm.


The nozzle has a cleaning function

After using the machine every day, remove the ink bag,replace it with a cleaning solution bag, and then use the nozzle handle. There is an ink discharge joint below, which can be pressed to discharge the ink and fill the spray chamber with cleaning solution. Then spray twice more, rinse the nozzle with cleaning solution, and then place it aside.Wait for the next ink replacement before continuing to use the machine. Inside the nozzle, there is cleaning fluid that ensures it remains moist and prevents drying. This ensures optimal performance for the next use.


With the continuous typing function enabled

After setting it up, the machine will automatically switch to the power-on state after typing a message. Then, press the switch to start printing the next line and continue this cycle, enabling multi-line printing.

Advantages of DOD Inkjet Technology

01. The printing speed is not affected by the font dot matrix, with a maximum speed of 120m/min(theoretical extreme value, customized nozzle required);

02. Ink is directly sprayed, equipped with a pressure pump and a low-pressure gas supply system, with stable gas source pressure and low failure rate;

03.The control system is simple and reliable, easy to operate and maintain;

04. The ink supply system of the equipment is well sealed and not affected by the working environment. Long term use will not cause ink blockage;

05. There are no vulnerable parts inside the machine, and the maintenance cost is significantly reduced compared to the CIJ type inkjet printer.

Wide Application Range

Suitable for various occasions

Mainly used in food, beverages, pipes, building materials, steel, wood such as cement, tires, packaging,steel, glass, woven bags, paint surfaces, etc

Cement chemical industry
Steel industry
Wood industry
Stone industry

Application area

·Spray printing materials: metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil,carton and building materials.

. Rich content in spray printing: mainly used for printing region codes, dates batch number, count, graphics, information combination, etc.

Product Parameters

Spray nozzle: 7 dot matrix, 16 dot, 32 dot optional

Spray printing height:14.4-60mm

Number of printing lines: 1-4 lines

Processor: Android 4-core processor

Communication interface: USB, wireless, network port

Software features: real-time date clock, printing batch, counting, shift, font flipping left and right

Spray printing graphics: can spray print trademark graphics, symbols, etc

Date code: supports century, year, month, day, hour, minute, and second

Printing distance:10-30m adjustable from the object being sprayed

Printing speed: adjusted at any time according to the production line speed

Screen display: Display all printing parameters at a glance, one click to change settings

Status display: preview information during printing

Rotating nozzle: According to different printing requirements of users, the nozzle can rotate 180 degrees to print

Trigger method: triggered by photoelectric sensor

Ink used: water-based ink (permeable surface) or oil-based ink (non permeable)

Spray printing material: Both permeable and non permeable materials can be used

Ink supply method: external pressure supply system

Ink color: black, red, blue, yellow, white, optional

Machine appearance: All stainless steel body, wear-resistant and durable

Power parameters:220V±10V power supply, 50Hz, standard AC, with good grounding wire

Operating environment temperature -20oC to 50°C, humidity30% to 70%

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