The use of inkjet printer KD100 by Indonesian paper bag manufacturers

The use of inkjet printer KD100 by Indonesian paper bag manufacturers

This project is applied to Indonesian paper bag manufacturers. It is mainly used to print serial numbers and dates on paper packaging. With efficient and flexible dynamic database printing function, it can group and print multiple groups of dynamic information, support traceability and anti-counterfeiting systems, real-time high-speed printing of dynamic database, and powerful GS1 QR code and barcode functions to meet customers' various variable code applications. need.

1.Printing parameters

Type of nozzle: TIJ 2.5 thermal foaming nozzle


Spray printing accuracy: resolution up to 600*600 DPI (vertical: 100 DPI, 150 DPI, 300 DPI, 600 DPI lateral: 30-600 DPI precision adjustment) can be spray printing gray level 1-6


Spray printing height: minimum spray printing 1mm, maximum spray printing height 12.7mm, maximum spray printing height 25.4mm for one inch model (the best quality distance between spray head and spray printing surface is 1-2mm)


Spray printing speed: 406 m/90 DPI, 304 m/120 DPI, 240 m/150 DPI, 120 m/300 DPI, 60 m/600 DPI (hand/online dual purpose)


Printing content: Chinese and English characters / Data Matrix / Dynamic Traceability QR Code / Bar Code / Graphics / Sequence Number / Date / Shift / Counter / Variable Database / Serial Port Real-time Dynamic Data Printing (Multi-Information Group Printing)


Spray printing material: carton/plastic/metal/wood/pipe/stone/glass/cable/electronic component/automobile spare parts/industrial industrial packaging/medical food gift box


Ink Type: Food Grade, Water-based, Oily, Weak Solvent, Solvent 42ml Ink Box, Large Capacity Ink Bag Continuous Ink Supply System


Ink color: black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, invisible, UV


Ink cartridge chip: RFID contactless chip, automatic identification of the best ink parameters and recording ink allowance


2.Machine parameters


Operating System: Embedded Linux Security Operating System


Main hardware: TI AM3358 industrial CPU, Xilinx Spartan6 industrial FPGA, TIJ ASIC chip


Communication interface: USB, RS232


External Interface: External light eye, External encoder, Flip Inversion control


Sprinkler installation: built-in sprinkler (with built-in hidden encoder)


Support Language: Chinese/English (support multi-language customization)


Power parameters: power adapter 100-240V AC input 12.6V 3A DC output


Machine Material: ABS、 UV Curing Spraying


Machine Specification: 220 mm*140 mm*95 mm


Working environment: temperature 0-45 C/humidity 30-70% Rh


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