3D wall printer used by Nepalese customers

3D wall printer used by Nepalese customers

This item is for individual buyers in Nepal. Mainly used to print murals and pictures on walls. High efficiency, daylighting, lasting power, low noise, good stability, wide range, meet all your needs.

Suitable for interior and exterior paintings that require decoration, such as homes, office spaces, hotels, restaurants, kindergartens, entertainment and leisure centers, KTV and other interior walls, as well as government propaganda, civilization construction, cultural construction, etc. on the exterior walls; only one picture is required feel free to sway your inspiration and creativity to add life to the simple wall.

3D wall printer KD260 parameters

1.Printing software: Genuine professional printing software

2.Using ink: Special environmental protection organic water-based ink (waterproof, anti stripping)

3.Control mode:Wired / wireless printing

4.Power consumption:No load 20W, maximum 250w

5.Surface tracking:Hyperbolic banner sensor, up and down bidirectional induction

6.Ink supply system:Positive pressure system single color single supply, 4-color ink bin one body

7.  Print size:2.5Height × width, more than 2 meters can be seamless splicing

8.Construction noise:Standby < 20db, drawing < 70db

9.Color drawing technology:Micro piezoelectricity spray technology, variable ink drop, high tolerance error emerging technology, automatic memory recovery

technology for construction interruption

10.Certification qualification:Green environmental protection certification, national standard test qualified (GB 18582-2001, gbt9756-2001), CE certification


Faith wall inkjet printer can be customized to print with a height of 4 meters(The normal height is 3 meters), seamless splicing can be achieved if the height exceeds four meters, and the width is not limited (a 1.5m*4 guide rail is given), and the guide rail can be used for unlimited seamless splicing to present a complete picture .

No matter how big the picture is, Faith wall printer will achieve perfect printing for you!

The vertical wall printing machine adopts advance digital positioning technology, with static zone calibration for up and down, step calibration for left and right. lt can achieve precise positioning and ensure excellent printing quality. It abandons the traditional positioning mode of relying on raster bars and drive racks, avoiding inaccurate positioning and color bar problems caused by component wear or external wind.(立式壁印机采用先进的数字定位技术,上下静态区域校准,左

The wall inkjet printer china adopts Japan imported industrial-grade printing head with protection device. lt is equipped with dual sensors, Z-axis automatic induction, the printing head can automatically expanding, and always keep a suitable distance with the wall, effectively prevent printing head from being damaged.

The body of wall printer is equipped with a built-incomputer system and a 13-inch LCD colorful screen,it is very convenient to operate and work outside.

Touch-type flash printing test of wall inkjet printer china can print a single color with large capacity, to keep the color normal and avoid cross-color.

The vertical wall printing machine body has a UPS backup power supply, it can automatic charging and switching when unstable voltage or power failure. The wall inkjet printer china can still work for 10 hours after power failure (when the backup battery is fullycharged).  So it is very convenient to work anywhereor outdoor.

The vertical wall printing machine supports customized fold-able vertical rack, it is convenient tocarry outside.


 A variety of materials can be printed clearly on the wall, and it will be dry immediately, and the color will not fade for a long time.The wall inkjet printer china uses Al intelligent image processing technology to scan and analyze pictures in different formats, match colors, and to control precise ink output.  

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