Handheld inkjet printer KD380 Zimbabwe customer usage

Handheld inkjet printer KD380 Zimbabwe customer usage

This project applies to cosmetic manufacturers in Zimbabwe. Mainly used for cosmetic packaging to print the date.Word height range, 1-12.7mm adjustable,small size, be easy to carry about. Meet all your needs.

The handheld inkjet printer applies TIJ inkjet technology, which has powerful functions and integrates data editing and data printing. According to its high cost performance, it is suitable for various industries that need printing. It can spray trademark charts, Chinese and English fonts of different font sizes, numbers, barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers, etc.

Product Features

1. Powerful function integration: files, dates, pictures, graphic codes, variable graphic codes, counters, tables, etc. can all be printed.

2. Humanized operation interface: 4.3-inch touch color screen, adapting to industry use scenarios and methods, with smooth operation and fast response.

3. The editing is convenient and simple: various parameter adjustments, what you see is what you get.

4. Perfect font library: built-in commonly used fonts, hollow, dot matrix, external font import, etc., suitable for industry needs.

5. Dozens of languages and input methods: Currently, more than 30 languages are supported, and they are added continuously. One-click switching meets the needs of global users.


1. In order to ensure the best printing effect of the machine, it is recommended to use the specified type of ink and accessories. After the ink cartridge is used up, you need to cover the ink cartridge protection cap to prevent the nozzle from clogging.

2. It is forbidden to plug and unplug the ink cartridge and any connection line when the machine is turned on. If you need to plug and unplug, please save the print information and the current settings of the machine and shut down the plug.

3. In the strong interference environment of the factory, please install a filter isolator, and install a magnetic ring on the power signal line, and perform grounding according to the situation.

4. This machine must not be used in an environment with explosion-proof requirements


The inkjet printer is a kind of precision equipment. In order to prolong the service life of the inkjet printer and reduce the failure rate, daily maintenance and management are required.

1. Inkjet printer maintenance

4.1 Check whether the power line, data connection line and grounding line are worn, and whether the contact points are reliable;

4.2 Before working, please confirm whether the equipment has shifted, whether the nozzle and the object to be printed are in a parallel state, and whether the printing distance is controlled within 3mm.

4.3 Clean the internal contacts of the ink cartridge cassette to keep it clean and well-conducted; check whether the fixing position of the ink cartridge is loose.

4.4 Keep the touch screen clean and do not poke it with hard objects;

4.5 Keep the surface of the equipment clean, and all interfaces of the equipment clean and dry, with good electrical conductivity.

4.6 After the printer is turned off, be sure to pull out the ink cassette to prevent the ink from seeping out and corroding the machine;

4.7 The internal structure of the data cable between the machine and the print head is complex, please do not pull out and plug in multiple times to prevent poor contact.

2. Ink cartridge maintenance

Using the correct method of use and storage can keep the ink cartridges with the best printing effect and prolong the service life of the ink cartridges

4.1 Once the ink cartridge is unsealed, since the nozzle may be blocked by ink particles and dust, it is recommended to use it up as soon as possible after unsealed. Note: Different types of ink have different characteristics, drying time and maintenance methods will be different, please consult our after-sales service personnel.

4.2 After the ink cartridge is used, it must be taken out from the inkjet printer, and it must be locked with the ink cartridge sleeve and stored at room temperature.

4.3 To wipe the nozzle, please use soft non-woven cloth or paper towel without debris, and do not use hard and rough objects, so as not to scratch and block the nozzle.

4.4 When wiping the nozzles, place the cloth flat on the table, keep it flat, with the nozzles facing down, and wipe vertically along the two rows of nozzles. Never wipe the nozzle sideways to avoid damage to the nozzle.

4.5 Do not shake the ink cartridge or place it in a vibrating environment, so as not to cause air bubbles inside the ink cartridge due to shaking and affect the printing quality.

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